Hippo.NET is a tool for streamlining the build process of .NET projects in a team envirionment. It provides continuous integration by monitoring the shared Visual SourceSafe database and starting the build process when changes are detected. An important design goal is to provide a nice and easy-to-use user interface, to monitor builds and trigger the build process when needed.

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Stable Version 1.5.1


Posted 23/04/2004
Hippo.NET 1.5.1 Released

  • Error message when build history contains no builds.

Posted 04/02/2004
Hippo.NET 1.5.0 Released
New features:

  • Code improvements: faster builds!

Posted 27/11/2003
Hippo.NET 1.4.0 Released
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New features:

  • Hippo.Client multiproject support
  • Get Latest Binaries Command
  • Automatically Get Latest Binaries

Posted 05/11/2003
Hippo.NET 1.3.0 Released
First of all, we would like to welcome Dave Ehrlich as a developer to the Project Team, due to his input the 1.3.0 release was possible. Two important issues were adressed:

  • Multiproject support
  • Bug causing the client to freeze
Check out the ReadMe file for more details. If you need to generate the NAnt BuildFiles, you can use the Hippo.NET BuildFile Builder website.

Posted 24/6/2003
Hippo.NET BuildFile Builder Beta:
The BuildFile Builder site lets you easily generate NAnt buildfiles based on Visual Studio project files.
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Posted 20/6/2003, UPDATED 24/6/2003
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Project home page

For more information about the project, the status and up to date news, please visit the Hippo.NET project page at SourceForge.


Current features
  • Client/server model
  • Trigger build from remote clients
  • Implements the build process proposed by Microsoft
  • Automatic build number updates in AssemblyInfo files
  • Build history information
  • Current activity information
  • Fully configurable
  • Rich Windows Forms UI
  • Multiple projects
  • Event notification, eg. MSN Messenger style
Future features
  • Scheduled builds
  • Automatic builds after changes


Hippo.NET Client screenshots:

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